by Ajax House 

“Attempting to Emulate Greatness”

Ajax House
If you've come here, then you've discovered a solitary writer and illustrator who is captivated by Eureka SeveN. My goal is to recreate the magic of the original series to the best of my ability. In time, I will get into backstories and more LFOs (mecha). I've had a hard time structuring the story because it just seems to gradually come and go, and I am meticulous with my work, so if I see a goof, I fix it immediately. 

What really concerns me is how AO and Hi-Evolution have ruptured the fandom and left the franchise feeling burnt out. Not so. I decided to run with the time skip in AO and develop a cover-all solution for the movies and AO.

​​​I feel like I am doing this by myself, laying brick after brick to a really engaging tale, so I ask for your support, fellow fandom. I promise to enrich the series and handle the plotholes and time travel Quartz Gun infamy. 

Don't turn your back on the memories of that wonderful series. There are still plenty of untouched mysteries and I want to capitalize on them. I started fresh with new characters and I'll ease into having the old favorites drop in.

It's tough, but there is gold to be found at the end of the rainbow!